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Trader Joe's Wine Guide #3

Third times a charm? Maybe so! Trader Joe's never ceases to amaze me with their amazing wine selection, and prices! Honestly, if your state doesn't sell wine at your local Traders, it may be time to consider relocating (; Enjoy this guide & as always let me know if you try any & what you think about them!

Please keep in mind every Trader Joes Location is different so availability & prices may vary!

Happy drinking!


La Granja Cava Brut $6.99

Don't let the price fool you, this ruffled feathered bird does not disappoint. If you are on a budget, or honestly just want massive value for your money this Cava is a great option. The La Granja Brut is flavorful and refreshing and has a slight punch of ginger. This one is super fun with anything fried or spicy! Their Butter Chicken with Basmati rice is splendid with this one!

Cecilia Beretta Prosecco Rosé $9.99

A Trader Joes Classic! Cecilia Beretta Prosecco is already so delicious, but when they chose to add in pinot noir grapes, violá a star was born! This bubbly is light and refreshing with fruity undertones! It's a must for any bridal shower, baby shower, or girls weekend! Pair this one with brie and a french baguette, *finger kisses*

Piper Sonoma Brut Chardonnay Blend $13.99

Okay, now this wine is an epic deal at Trader Joe's! $14 is unbeatable, you would probably spend $20ish dollars to find it elsewhere. Being composed of mostly Chardonnay grapes and a dash of Pinot Noir grapes this brut is so light, crisp, and refreshing. It has some citrus undertones making it a great base for a little mimosa Sunday-- but honestly, this wine can hold its own on its own! If your Trader Joe's has this Brut, grab as many as you can!!

Almond Creek Almond sparkling wine $6.49

Okay, what a funky mix-up to the normal flavors of sparkling wine-- and you know what, I don't hate it! If you are a big fan of almond flavoring, a baker, or just someone with a desire to try something different this sparkling wine is a great go-to! You can absolutely taste the almond, but it is not overbearing like other wines I have tried before. Pair this one with a cheese and nut board for sure-- or even a bowl of ice cream... what?! Yum!

Black Girl Magic Rose $17.99

Okay now you know I am a big fan of the McBride Sisters, I think that all of their wines are delicious but this Rosé is seriously so delicious! It is light and does not give you an overly sweet taste at all. This is a great Porch Pounder option or pairs well with all types of light summer meals-- try a lemon chicken recipe of your choice!

Summer Water Rosé $13.99

Okay talk about a label that could not be more accurate! This Rosé is truly so yummy! It is dry & refreshing & served best super super cold! Especially on those hot Arizona days! This one would be super yummy with those frozen watermelon ice balls in it! -- check out a Pinterest recipe for those!

Trader Joes Petit Reserve Rosé $6.99

Okay now I know you may be turned off by Trader Joe's incredibly simple and straightforward labeling on their wines, but I promise they truly don't disappoint, especially this Rosé. t has all the characteristics of a $15 bottle & is half the price-- if you don't want your party guests to know you paid $6.00 (which is nothing to be ashamed of) pour it into a pretty summer decanter and keep it in the fridge until its time to DRINK (;

Tuatea Sauvignon Blanc $5.99

Oh me oh my! Okay so this Sauvignon Blanc seems to come and go seasonally at trader joes, so if you see it you should probably grab a bottle! Not to be confused with the Matua SB, though they are very similar. This is a total PORCH POUNDER! Easy to drink, refreshing, not super high in ABV-- but if you want to eat with it, a penne & vodka sauce pasta is 10/10!

Lovely You Vegan Chardonnay 6.99

Okay, I almost passed this one up, & I am honestly glad I tried it and that it made the list. It is light and buttery and lovely indeed... lol. If you are curious about the whole Vegan wine thing, basically when you see a vegan label on the wine it is just confirming that they aren't using anything extra in their fermentation process-- yes some wineries use egg whites sometimes... you can usually find out on the wineries website or contact them directly if you aren't sure.

Stag's Leap Chardonnay $24.99

Okay, now if you want to take a big step and get something a little nicer-- This chardonnay is delightful! This Chardonnay has Oak, Vanilla, and Apple undertones and though it is a very bold wine it is also incredibly easy to drink. It is worth the little splurge in my opinion! Plus at Trader's you know you're getting a really good deal for this one! Drink it with a toasted ham & cheese sandwich and a pickle... YUM.

Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc & Viognier

This medium body white wine is such a huge win when I'm able to buy it from Trader Joe's! It has flavors of pear, apple & honey and is so smooth & easy to drink. Definitely recommend pairing this wine with pork chops & a hearty salad!

Espiral Vinho Verde $4.49

If you were in my first big group tasting in July then you know how good this wine is. It has a light carbonation a little bit of a kick & is freaking amazing! it's 9% ABV so don't worry about just sitting by the pool, on the beach, or on the porch and drinking your heart out. I love drinking this wine with spicy foods, salads, and brunch?! Yes, I did just say brunch-- it's a great day drinking wine!!