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Trader Joe's Wine Guide 2020

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Since so many of you loved my first Trader Joe's wine guide I created last year, I decided to keep the wine rec's going to bring some joy to our brutal 2020! Let's be honest, we are drinking more vino than ever and it's okay we are in this shit together. I always want to make wine fun and approachable for you and I love how I can do that through these guides, my social channels, and of course my virtual wine tastings! This time around, I am sharing some of my favorite wines that I am drinking from TJ's to get me pumped for fall! Don't worry, this list will continue on as I discover more killer finds!


This rosé is such a staple in my wine fridge during the holidays I had to bring it back from my OG wine guide! This will be your new favorite Rosé for all your Thanksgiving eats and I guarantee your loved ones will love it too. Who said Rosé was just for summer anyway? Whenever someone is looking for a cheap, crowd-pleasing rosé they can buy a bunch of, La Vieille Ferme it is a solid go-to and it won't break the bank! Let's just say it's a mega #PORCHPOUNDER. T'J's prices this tasty rosé at $7.99 which makes it hard to resist picking up a bottle (or 6) whenever I am grocery shopping. This easy sipper that I can only describe as fresh and fruity makes the perfect aperitif or complement to your holiday cheese board!


If you haven't tried the McBride Sister's Brut Rosé what have you even been doing?! I have been enjoying this brut for quite some time, I even served it at my wedding last November! So when I found it being sold at TJ's the other day, I was shook! YAAAAS! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE needs a sparkling wine in their home at ALL TIMES. Want to know why? When in doubt, bubbles! Grab your tee! This brut has a crisp acidity with complex aromas of red cherry, strawberry, and floral notes. If you don't love it, call me because we gotta chat about why the hell not!


Hey, all you chardonnay doubters., yeah I see you and I hear you! What if I told you there are chardonnays that you will actually love, won't be overly oaked and it won't break the bank? Introducing, a white burgundy aka French unoaked Chard! This wine has fresh crisp flavors of apples, pear, and citrus with a nice acidity which will make for a great aperitif or pair alongside shellfish, goat cheese, and my personal fave, my mom's mashed potatoes! I like to call it one of my go-to Thanksgiving wines because it will match with most everything on your family's spread! Want to learn more about wine lingo terms such as "acidity" and the reason it pairs with food? Head here to hang out and virtual taste with me, I will teach ya allllll the things in a fun and laid back format! See ya on Zoom!


Alright, I am a sucker for an Oregon Pinot Noir and it's rare I find one I love at a grocery store but damn friends. Cloudline Pinot Noir is a winner! This Pinot is filled with intense black fruit, spice, and a long finish keeping you wanting more and more, aka my version of a #NetflixWine. Smooth enough tannins where you don't necessarily need food but is also a staple with your favorite fall spreads. From smokey cheeses to roasted turkey and my personal favorite any mushroom-based pasta or pizza. This wine will be your new everyday fave!


I was walking through the aisle the other week vetting out my new line up for this guide and one of the TJ's staff members came up to me and said this wine was killer and I would not be disappointed. He was right! This Southern Italian red will be your new favorite table wine, move over Chianti! Think of this wine as you would dip french fries in ketchup. This wine craves pairing alongside beef, tomatoes based pasta, and pizzas! Don't be shy about how savory your dish is, this wine can handle it.


The Silence Red Blend is a blend of mainly Tempranillo which is one of my go-to wines when I think of fall. I like to think of Tempranillo as the Pumpkin Spiced Latte of the wine world. Think baking spices, rich fruit, and moderate tannins that linger just a tad in your cheeks! I personally guzzle this wine down with no food but maybe a slice (or 10) of smoked manchego. This wine can match up against any red meats, pasta, and even your favorite Mexican dishes such as tacos, nachos, burritos, and Chile Rellenos. I'm hungry AF now. Step outside your comfort zone and buy this!


Here is our big guy of the line-up, Kings of Prohibition Australian Cab-Shiraz! Peep my IG post from last year, I transported myself to the Great Gatsby with Leo. That's what this wine does, it transports you to the party you want to be at even if you are in your cozies on the couch! Truly is an out of body experience. This red blend is filled with dark juicy fruits like blackberry and dark cherry with hints of cocoa from the French Oak but also comes through with a bit of pepper to give it that kick. I want to go home and have my grandma make me her famous brisket to pair with this ASAP.


Alright, my friends, I have to finish this guide with some Washington wine love! Intrinsic Cabernet Sauvignon is not only beautiful on the outside but a masterpiece on the inside! It's everything you want in a Cab, medium to full-bodied filled with red and dark jammy fruits, sweet tobacco, and juicy tannins. You can find Intrinsic at TJ's of course along with one of my new favorite wine subscription services elicit wine project! If you haven't checked it out, highly recommended if you are looking for a fun and approachable wine club to join. I'm biased but I am apart of the elicit fam so definitely join. ;)


Loved these recs? I am going to be leading a FREE virtual wine tasting event highlighting some of my favorites from both my Trader Joe's wine guides! PLUS a digital food pairing guide with all items that can be found at your local TJ's! Click here (fill out the little box at the top of my site's page that says "be my BFF") join my e-mail list to get notified or follow me on Instagram for all the latest!

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