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Total Wine & More Wine Rec's (All under $20)

Alright friends, it's finally here! A breakdown of some of my favorite wines at Total Wine & More under$20!!! Let me know which ones you end up trying!


Fave Wines $10-20

Borrasca Prosecco Docg ~ Can't go wrong with this cheap and crisp prosecco, perfect on its own but I personally love it mixed with Aperol!

Bodegas Pinord Dibon Brute Reserve Cava ~ from Spain this one has apple and pear aromas and is crisp! If you know me, then you know I love Cava & this one is great on its own or as a mimosa!

Whitehaven NZ Sauvignon Blanc ~ We all need a Sauvy B at home, this one will not disappoint! Perfect porch pounder, couch wine, and versatile with cheese, veggies, and seafood!

SUN GODDESS SAUVIGNON BLANC - MARY J BLIGE,2019 ~ Italian Sauvy filled with tart granny smith apples and a touch of citrus. Pair with salty cheeses, chips, or seafood!

2018 St. Supery Sauvignon Blanc ~ I love this one because it is so well-balanced and refreshing! Pair this one like other SB's and go with some fish, poultry & cheese!

Broadbent Vinho Verde ~ one of my absolute favorite Vinho Verdes & for the price you truly cannot beat this one!!

Jadot Bourgogne Chardonnay ~ an absolutely delicious option for a chardonnay, this one is medium bodied with the complex aromas of vanilla, honey & citrus with a nice buttery and nutty finish! Yum!! Cheese and cured meats all the way on this one!

Dr Heidemanns Riesling QbA ~ okay this riesling is legit! It's so light and its fruitiness fits wonderfully with spicy food, whether thats hot cheetos or blackened mahi mahi tacos!

Bourgrier Rose D'Anjou ~ French style rose is always a must! I like this one because it's more fruit-driven than most and pairs really nicely with spicy dishes.

La Vieille Ferme Rose ~ If you've seen my TJ's wine guides you know that this is a staple general grocery store find. Summer water at its finest!

MCBRIDE SISTERS BLACK GIRL MAGIC ROSE This Pinot Noir-based blush pink wine is filled with crisp fruit and acidity! Perfect with your chips and cheese out on the patio!

CHATEAU D'ESCLANS THE PALM WHISPERING ANGELI gave this porch pounder a gold medal in a blind tasting, Nuff said.

Diving Into Hampton Water Rose ~ Or another great name would be; Diving Into an AZ Summer?! This Rose is amazing! Drink it chilled, and straight out of an insulated Yeti Poolside! Strawberries & Cheez-Itz with this one! Yum!

Susana Balbo Malbec, 2017 ~ This is an Argentinian wine that will not disappoint! It's intense yet clean, flavor would pair nicely with something fresh off the barbecue like steak or burgers!