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Women in Wine You Need To Know About!

A blog post is not enough for me to share my love and respect for not only these women below but all the incredible ladies I've been able to meet in this industry. Not only do I admire these women for their talent and hard work, but more importantly I admire them for their kindness and support. I will continue to add more and more inspiring women in wine to this thread! <3

Happy Women's History Month,




Jessica Gasca, winemaker/founder of

A Story of Soil

We had the honor of featuring Jessica in one of this month's wine club events, and she is SO INSPIRING! Not to mention her wine is incredible and so true to the terroir of Santa Barbara Wine Country. Please check out her wine HERE. You won't regret it!


Amanda Greenbaum with SOMMthing Rad

Amanda is another incredible woman winemaker I was able to feature in my wine club. She is not only a winemaker but a certified sommelier, mixologist, and author! She is truly outstanding, and more importantly one of the most kind and genuine people I have gotten to know in this industry. You can check out all of Amanda's bad ass work HERE!


Claire Ducrocq Weinkauf, Picayune Cellars

Another woman winemaker I had the honor to host in my wine club AND visit her tasting room in Calistoga this past year. Her wine is just phenomenal and everyone I have introduced it to has fallen in love! Check out Picayune Cellars HERE!


Erica, Wine Wash Co.

Erica has been a big support to my Sam Somm Wine Club and I even gifted her amazing sponges to my members as a thank you this past year <3 She has been killing it and taking this world by storm, recently being featured on freaking Good Morning America! I am so honored to know her and have her support in this industry. check out her amazing wine products HERE! OBSESSED.


Ella Beck, Co Founder Faff Wine Co.

Ella is my partner in crime for my new wine label Faff Wine Co! She is a rockstar winemaker and business partner, I am so thankful to have her by my side. <3

Check out more about Ella and our wine label HERE!


Ashley Lewis, Smashley The Grape (Wine Guide)

Ashley is a wine educator and lifestyle blogger, but more importantly my friend and PODCAST PARTNER! We are so thrilled to launch, The Porch Pounder Podcast... a wine education and lifestyle podcast. Your one stop shop for all of the best wine recs, tips, and trends. Stay tuned! Follow along with Ashley HERE!


Can't wait to continue to add more amazing women in wine to this blog! <3 In the meantime, I would love for you to join my online wine club community to be able to hear from all of our incredible featured guests!

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