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Trader Joe's Wine Guide

It's hereeeee! I know I know I took forever getting this out to you. Please forgive me! Thankfully you can refer to this guide all year long, not just for Thanksgiving! I am going to be sharing with you some of my favorite wines I love purchasing at Trader Joe's along with some food pairings that are of course from TJ's too!


First up, no wine guide could be complete without some reasonably priced and delicious bubbly. Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore is one of my go-to Prosecco's during my holiday shopping at Trader Joe's! Of course, this prosecco is excellent on its own but I love to use it in my Aperol Spritz! I am not giving you a food pairing with this one because this is a bubbly for you to sip on as your aperitif while your food is being made! This prosecco is priced at a crisp price of $10.99.


Next up we have a beautiful Spanish red, La Sonriente priced at $6.99. Like what? Yes, it's not too be good to be true. Whoever said cheap wines are no good, they are very wrong. This is an incredible valued Garnacha with earthiness and subtle stewed fruit. Pair this alongside Trader Joe's Beef and Stout Pies and your stomach will feel nice and warm! Guarantee it.


Another Garnacha I can't help to share is Satis Dei Syrah Garnacha. Not only is this bottle beautiful and looks way pricier than what it is, but the wine is also just as incredible for the price of $8.99. Seriously TJ's how are you so good to us? This bold and distinctive flavored Spanish red needs to compliment a strong savory dish. Next time you're in Trader Joe's pick up this wine with St Illtyd and Horseradish Cheddar Cheeses!


Trader Joe's Epicuro Primitivo is a must buy wine during the holiday season priced at $5.99. Yes, I am not kidding. Primitivo is the Italian term for the well known varietal, Zinfandel. I am a pretty big fan of zins, especially when I can get an epic one under $10. Though rich and fruit-forward, the tannins in this wine are soft and balanced. Pair this along-side TJ's frozen Margarita pizza and you have a date night under $20 that no one could complain about.


Who said Rosé was just for summer? Whenever someone is looking for a cheap, crowd-pleasing rosé they can buy a bunch of, La Vieille Ferme is my go-to! T'J's prices this tasty rosé at $7.99 which makes it hard to resist picking up a bottle (or 6) whenever I am grocery shopping. This easy sipper that I can only describe as fresh and fruity makes the perfect aperitif or complement to your holiday cheese board!


Another rosé I can't help myself to share with you is Albero Spanish Rose, a certified organic wine of TJ's. This rosé is a bit more intense that the La Ferme I just mentioned. I love to pair this with spicy dishes or seafood! Some of my favorite TJ's top picks for food pairings are the Spicy Lamb Vindaloo, Vegetable Pad Thai, and Seafood Paella. This wine is priced at a small price of $5.99, cheers!


I discovered this gem of a wine, Liberté from Paso Robles and always love grabbing it from Trader Joe's. Priced just under $10 at the sweet price of $9.99 I always want to tell cab lovers about this wine! I also like to decant this wine for about a hour to really let all it's fruity goodness shine through. Promise it's worth the wait. In the meantime, pop in Trader Joe's Pepperoni Mac & Cheese Bowl in the oven. DROOLING.


Sometimes you just need a citrus and zingy filled wine and don't want to think too much about it! The wine that comes to mind is Trader Joe's ESPIRAL VINHO VERDE, coming in hot at $4.99. DEAD. Super light, crisp, and low in alcohol it is the perfect wine to keep flowing at your Thanksgiving table. With this wine's bright citrus and melon flavors and not overpowering acidity I recommend pairing this alongside Trader Joe's Shrimp Stir Fry or new Shrimp Burgers. Enjoy!


Last, I truly cannot end my Trader Joe's Wine Guide without touching on infamous "Two Buck Chuck" from Charles Shaw. The inexpensive wine brand launched a line of organic wines that of course, I needed to test out for myself. After tasting all of them, the one that I can put my name behind as a recommendation is the Chardonnay. Why do you ask? It is pretty much your straight forward chardonnay and at the low price of $3.99, (I guess organic is more expensive than the non-organic) I believe it's a safe bet to bring to your friend's holiday party as an easy sipper. Pair this wine along-side any of your holiday cheeses and charcuterie that you buy from TJ's and you have an inexpensive hostess gift!

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