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Dinner Party Wines YLAZ Segment

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Let’s talk dinner party wines! Hosting a dinner party can be overwhelming, let me help make choosing your wines the fun part! I am sharing with you my favorite wine varietals to serve at a dinner party along with a little sneak preview of what we call “The Vortex Somm”  such a show stopper! You must start off the evening with a glass of bubbles, look no further than Laurent Perrier's Ultra Brut Champagne. Greeting your guests with a glass of bubbly will not only serve as a palette cleanser but set the scene of the night. On your table, you must have a rose, crisp white, bold red, and oaked chardonnay. With these wines on hand, you will be sure to impress every palette at the table and compliment all of your dishes. When it’s time for dessert, break out your favorite off-dry wine and pair I alongside some cheeses European style. For every successful dinner party, you want to be sure to include an aperitif wine such as the champagne I mentioned, a rose and a crisp white to compliment your side dishes/salads and to mainly serve as that “go-to versatile” wine throughout the course of the meal. Your bold red wine such as this cab I share will stand up against any of your meats to cut through that fattiness. The chardonnay will complement any cream-based dish such as your fish, chicken, or pasta. Of course, everyone wants to end the night with something sweet and that is when bringing in an off-dry Reisling or Gewürztraminer will be the perfect ending along with some creamy cheeses. For the full list of wines, please contact me at, or visit my website Let me handle the wine so you can enjoy hosting your party with your guests!

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