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Dessert & Wine Survival Guide

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

This time of isolation has made me grateful for many things, but one huge simple pleasure is being given more time to play around with food and wine pairings! I never was a huge fan of sweets until I started pairing them alongside some vino and let me tell ya my friends, there is nothing better! I hope these dessert and wine pairings can add something sweet to your weekend and hopefully inspire you to get baking or order in from your local bakeshop! All of these shown below are created and sold at mother-daughter owned bakeshop, Sweet Dee's in Old Town Scottsdale! Available for online order and curbside pickup!


Sweets & Wine Pairing #1

Dark Chocolate Cake with Fudge center paired with Zinfandel

Why does it work?

Dark chocolate makes a heavenly match with a robust red wine. The dark chocolate goes really well with the deep flavors in Zinfandel.

My Zinfandel Pick:

Opolo Mountain Zinfandel


Sweets & Wine Pairing #2

Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake paired with Riesling

Why does it work?

Cheesecake’s creaminess makes it difficult to pair with many wines. But luckily for us, the fruity and light texture of Riesling complements the deeper notes in the cheesecake.

My Riesling Pick:

Albert Boxler Réserve Edelzwicker


Sweets & Wine Pairing #3

Peach and Dulce De Leche Croissant Bread Pudding paired with Champagne

Why does it work?

Bread pudding is a classic dessert and deserves a classic wine, Champagne, crisp and versatile. Bubbles are always the answer!

My Champagne Pick:

Laurent Perrier Cuvé Rosé


Local AZ friends, you can purchase all of these desserts, wine pairing cards, and a virtual wine tasting with me at Sweet Dee's Bakeshop!

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