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Chip and Wine Pairing Guide

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Leonardo da Vinci said it best, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." The last thing we need during quarantine is to make life even more complicated than it needs to be right? I wanted to do some no brainer wine and food pairings so I present to you, my chip and wine pairing 101 guide!


Sour Cream and Onion with Longford Estates Chardonnay

This Longford Estate Chardonnay from Monterey county has everything you love in a lightly oaked Chardonnay. Lightly oaked Chardonnay will compliment the creaminess of these chips without washing each other out! Make sure your Chardonnay has a touch of acid on the palette to tone down that heaviness.


BBQ with Longford Estates Pinot Noir Rosé

Here's the thing with rosé, it really is such a versatile wine it will go well with any chip on this guide but it definitely will pair alongside the BBQ chips the best! I am pairing our BBQ chips with Longford Estates Rose because of its a lush sweet fruit that brings out the sweetness in the BBQ chips. One of the main ingredients in BBQ chips is honey and sugar so this rosé does a beautiful job bringing out the sweetness in these chips without overwhelming them!


Hot Cheetos with Hive and Honey Reisling

Spicy snacks like these flaming hot Cheetos scream for a wine that will help calm down that heat. The perfect pair for these chips is Hive and Honey's Riesling! Light bodied with crisp acidity, this Riesling is balanced by the perfect amount of sweetness and a refreshing fruit finish!


Salt and Vinegar with Smith Devereux's Sauvignon Blanc Blend

I believe in the food and wine pairing world, tangy love tangy! A bit of these salt of vinegar chips alongside a sip of Napa Valley's Smith Devereux's Sauv Blanc blend actually tones down that sharp tang these chips have and creates the perfect balance. This sauvignon blanc blend or even an Albariño would go well with these chips!


Nacho Cheese Doritos with Tolosa Pinot Noir

When it comes to a cheesy chip, just think cheese board and wine pairings! My go-to pairing for sharp cheddar cheese is a lush fruit-driven Pinot Noir like Tolosa's Drum Canyon Vineyard 2018 vintage! Ripe strawberry, raspberry, and boysenberry fruit flavors are balanced by a firm tannin structure making it the perfect complement to these Nacho Cheese Doritos!


I hope I inspired you to open up a bottle and turn on your favorite rom-com! Don't forget to tag and send me your wine pairings, I would love to see what you come up with!

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