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10 Business Tools You Need ASAP

October 21, 2019


If you're anything like me you would be a scatter brain without the proper tools to help manage your life. It has taken me a few years to compile, but I have become an avid user of the following resources I am going to share with you and how they have helped me in my personal and professional life. I hope some of these help make your days a bit easier and at least a bit more organized! 






Self Employed 






Adobe Fill & Sign








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Expensify is exactly what its name implies. It has made my work trips exceptionally easier and more organized when I don't have access to my laptop or feel like creating spreadsheets. If you have a career where you are constantly needing to expense your transactions, manage receipts, organize your purchases, etc... this is the perfect app for that. It does it all and is so easy to use. It is $5 a month and it is worth every penny!



CamScanner has made scanning documents on my phone a breeze! I personally do not own a printer or a scanner and need to do one or the other at least once a day. I take a picture of whatever documents I need scanned. It downloads and then you can email it to whoever you need all in one app. It also helps me organize my documents by date and purpose. For example, I create a new folder for every work trip I go on to scan and track my receipts. This is a no brainer download because it's FREE!



Self-employed is simply an extension off of QuickBooks but specifically made for self-employed individuals. The possibilities of resources within QuickBooks is endless but I mainly use it to keep track of everything for tax purposes. If you are a small LLC or freelance, this app is crucial to stay organized once tax season comes around. 


Wix is my website platform that I have been using since I created my website 3 years ago. There are a lot of website options these days so it's important you do your research and use whatever platform is best for you and your specific business needs. I personally like how Wix is easy for me to manage myself and doesn't require any crazy coding. I have a random and hectic schedule each week and I want to constantly be putting out content. I feel that wix helps me stay on top of my content creation!


Evernote, I just talked about Evernote in one of my recent Instagram stories. I just discovered it while listening to one of my podcasts and have been using it constantly ever since. It's truly an all in one note taker app that I can conveniently use on my laptop or phone. It has everything you need from managing large projects to giving tiny reminder notes. I have literally put everything I note for my business and personal life into it. I have loved it so far! Oh, and it's FREE. 


Adobe Fill & Sign is similar to most digital signing apps but I personally loved this one the most. Not only can I digitally sign important documents quickly but I am also able to manage and change some of my business documents such as my media kit. 


Planoly has been my favorite content scheduling app for years. I know there are a few others out there but this one has never let me down and has made content scheduling so easy for me. I also love to follow Planoly's blog and Instagram for content creation tips! I pay $8.99 a month for this app and it's worth it! 


Canva, wow I can say so many positive things about Canva. I make everything on canva from my blog graphics, pinterest graphics, instagram story graphics, e-books, digital guides, etc. I am in no way a graphic designer and have always struggled with that aspect of my business and canva has been a total game changer. I have gotten by with using the free version of Canva for a longtime but just upgraded to pro and love it!


Everyone who has an online presence or has ever needed to write a professional email must download Grammarly ASAP. I use it to correct my grammar on emails, social media posts, projects, my current book in progress, literally everything! I have always struggled with proper grammar so this app helps me put my best work forward. 


Last but not least Story Edit which is an extension off of Planoly helps me create my Instagram stories in advance. We all know how important it is to stay active with our Instagram story games and sometimes we forget to post everyday. With Story Edit you can schedule beautiful and organized stories in advance and post them with one click when you're ready!

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