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What do guests remember most at a wedding?

October 16, 2019



 30 days until I marry this guy... what?! I keep getting asked.. “Sam, are you nervous?!” My answer is always the same. I’m nervous for the actual wedding day, I feel that we worked so hard to bring one day and people together so of course I’m nervous that it all goes well. Am I nervous to marry Nic? Definitely not. If anything, I feel like we’re already married in so many ways minus the legal document. When November 15th gets here no matter how nervous or overwhelmed I get I need to remember the person who’s waiting for me on the other side of the aisle.  Oh and all the wine waiting for me too!  ;)  So to answer answer the question you came to this blog post for, "What do guests remember the most about a wedding?" Surprisingly it isn't the ceremony itself, it is actually the food and drink! You know I am working diligently on my wine line up for this wedding so I am going to give you my tips on how to curate your own wedding line up when the time comes! Click below for my latest segment with Your Life Arizona where I discuss tips on how I curated my own wedding wine lineup!

Photography by Dillon Driscoll and Alayna Clark


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