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Sonoma's Hidden Gem Wine Shop!

January 8, 2019




After starting my own in-home private wine tasting business in 2017, I have been on the hunt to support other local wine businesses such as myself because let's be honest... the hustle is real! I understand people like convenience when shopping for wine so the quickest way to grab a bottle is obviously the grocery store, Total Wines & More, BevMo, etc. But my hope is to change that mindset for the everyday wine enthusiast. Buying unique, affordable and delicious wine can be simple and you do not need to rely on your local Safeway to get the job done. Bottle Barn based out of Santa Rosa in Northern California is your one stop shop for all things wine and I am here to tell you why. 




Once only known as a local boutique wine shop in Sonoma county, Bottle Barn has finally jumped into the online world and has launched a full online retail site for folks like me who unfortunately do not live within wine country! Bottle Barn has truly made buying easy for the common wine drinker. Every bottle being sold in their shop is hand selected by an expert. Instead of walking down the grocery store aisle without a clue on what to get (most likely purchasing based on the label), Bottle Barn's qualified wine experts are there to curate the perfect wine line-up for you. Whether you are looking to purchase a single bottle or a pre-selected 6-pack, this wine shop is here to make your next wine buying trip stress free. I am happy to share the same values that Bottle Barn holds with making wine buying approachable and affordable for the average wine enthusiast. With this mindset we hope to not only spread the word on great hidden gem wineries but to also help the everyday wine drinker become comfortable purchasing wine for themselves as well as become confident providing recommendations for others!




Bottle Barn has stolen the hearts of locals in Sonoma County since 1990 and is now determined to spread that love to all of us throughout the U.S.! When it comes down to it we all really hope for one thing when it comes to wine buying: taste wine that is lesser known and delicious all without breaking the bank. Customers have been loyal to Bottle Barn for 30 plus years all because of their dedication to providing the best wines from both local and global sources that people typically wouldn't even think to try on their own!





For more information and to purchase online from Bottle Barn visit​












One Percent of every sale goes to Wine Country Forward!




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