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Have you been questioning if your social media game is up to par for today's digital world? Are you trying to take your role as an influencer to the next level or want to know how to build long last relationships with brands? Have you wanted to learn the easy basics of all things wine? It's super overwhelming, right?! Before you pocket those dreams and goals and save them for next year or another time, pause - and let's cheers to the fact that I'm here to help and I want to help you succeed! I have succeeded (and truthfully, failed) at different ideas and tasks that I've tried, but each time was an amazing learning experience. An experience that I want to share with you! Whether it's wine, creating an effective pitch strategy, or needing some help on your 

social game - I'm here! And I'm now so excited to offer these consultation services that I think will cater to any needs or underlying questions and concerns you may have that could be holding you back from accomplishing something amazing! 

Of course, I cannot fully help you to transform your business in three sessions but I can give you the tools and resources to head in the right direction. If you are looking for more hands-on training with me (longer than what these packages include) please reach out to discuss further. We will create a game plan together!

all things wine

As you may know, I started off my entrepreneurial journey leading in-home private wine tastings. Four short years later, I am taking them digital! With this package, you will get three one-on-one wine education training sessions. I will be teaching you tips and tricks that I learned from Master Sommeliers during my time in wine school without you breaking the bank. We will taste wine together, learn the 101’s to further your wine knowledge, and I will be guiding you in how to best progress your wine education training. These sessions can be over the phone or through webcam. I will be providing you with tasting materials to print out at home along with three homework assignments.



Three one-hour consultation calls with me either on the phone or webcam

  • Wine tasting materials to print out at home and homework assignments 

  • Access to an exclusive wine guide only for wine consult clients

  • Support 5 days a week through e-mail

all things social media

I am sure a lot of us can agree that we have a love/hate relationship with social media but we all understand how crucial it is to the success to any business or blog. I have been through it all and I am ready to share with you what to do and what NOT to do when trying to grow your social media platforms. We will create a customized social media strategy to get you successful and confident on your platforms!


  • Three 1-hour consultation calls with me

  • A customized social media strategy.

  • Exclusive tips and resources I’ve never shared before.

  • Real-life examples of how I’ve grown my own social media platforms and found success.

  • Support 5 days a week through e-mail

all things pitching

Are you trying to take your role as an influencer to the next level? Are you ready to begin regularly working with brands and getting compensated for your work? I am here to teach you the ins and out of how to successfully pitch a brand along with carrying out an authentic partnership! I will be teaching the importance of creating a long term partnership and why that's crucial in the success for both you and the brand. I will be sharing with you my strategy on how to go about all sides of the pitch process.


  • Three one-hour consultation calls with me

  • Exclusive information that I have not shared on any of my social media platforms before

  • A customized pitch strategy to get you officially going on the right track

  • Pitching strategies customized to your business and goals

  • Real-life examples of how I’ve grown my own business and found success through the right brand partnerships

  • Support 5 days a week through e-mail

all three packages

wine, pitching, & social

This package is perfect for those who are wanting to do it all! Since we are focusing on three major different aspects at once, this journey will take place over the course of 6 sessions with me. After our consults together I am confident you will feel inspired to push through whatever has been holding you back!


  • Everything included in packages 1-3

  • Support 5 days a week through e-mail

 additional services and add-ons 

*Ask about discounts when adding any of these to your current booked package(s). 

single session zoom brand consult

For those of you who feel that one call will be enough to get your questions answered and dreams rolling for your brand.


instagram app training

(i.e.: Canva, Later, Over, Mojo)

We will share a computer screen and I will guide you on how to become a pro using one or all of these apps that I use every day.


on camera training

I will provide you with my own personal tips and tricks to conquer your stage fright in front of the camera. Whether you want to go on live TV, Instagram Live or create your own videos, I am here to make it less terrifying.


single session zoom wine consult

I will create you a sommelier curated wine list to match any menu perfectly! Perfect for weddings, dinner parties, date nights, and more! Includes 1:1 call along with a template to refer back to with all of my pairing tips. 


highlight icon cover images

I will create for you 6-10 highlight icons customized to your brand.



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