Want to find the wine you'll love? Introducing Sippd, your new fave “AI-Powered Personal Sommelier"

Updated: Aug 22

Want to find the wine you'll love? Introducing Sippd, your new fave “AI-Powered Personal Sommelier"

“Siri, I mean Sippd, find me the perfect wine to bring to the beach!”


If you’ve done a virtual wine tasting with me, you know I’m all about pairing wine with an experience, mood, food, Netflix binge you name it! There’s always a time and place for a specific wine and Sippd helps me curate the best wine line up for my clients... (and myself).


Sippd connects to wine.com to provide you with your personal Taste Match score to more than 40,000 wines! I always say I’m your pocket sommelier and Sippd’s platform takes that to a whole new level.


Life is hard enough right now. Leave it to Sippd and me to curate you the perfect wine line up for any day of the week. Think of Sippd as a dating tool but for wine lovers, except they never

steer you wrong with their personalized wine recommendations.

How the Sippd Extension Works

Sippd is a FREE Chrome extension, which means you use the tool while shopping for wine on your laptop or computer! After creating your profile you'll first tell Sippd three wines that you love or maybe even three that you dislike so their Artificial Intelligence tech begins to know your palate preferences. If you don't have any wines in mind to put into the extension, that's okay!

The more you use the extension, the better Sippd can get to know you and understand your preferences. See, it's just like dating! The more you get to know someone the better of a fit you'll become. I get texts daily from my friends dining out, sending me the wine list, and asking me what wine to get. I love helping but it's nice to have some assistance from Sippd too, ha! Just in case I cannot respond quickly enough to your message Sippd has your back.

Why Use Sippd?

A lot of wine extensions will provide you with quality reviews, tasting notes,

pricing, and photos of wines but they do not work to understand your own

personal palate. Like I always tell my wine tasting clients, just how you can't be everyone's cup of tea, neither can wine. A wine I may love and highly recommend may not be my husband's go-to vino and that is OKAY. Wine is meant to be fun and enjoyed with the people that you love so Sippd

keeps it simple.