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In a world currently full of panic and chaos, there are a couple of things we can rely on to remain consistent past time pleasures. I am talking about our beloved wine and Netflix of course! As serious as this Corona Virus is, I am working hard to incorporate some positive light into our current WFH/quarantine situation. I am going to share some Netflix and wine pairings I created to get us excited to plop down on our coach solo with our favorite show and a glass of vino! We can even make it into a game and encourage our friends to drink the same wine as us while watching the show that pairs with it! Join me in making the most out of a grim situation, let's Netflix and wine my friends!


"Master of None" paired with Primitivo

Being that season 2 of Master of None is set in Italy, I want to honor this beautiful country and heartwarming Netflix show with of course an Italian wine. I recommend a bottle of Primitivo aka Italian Zinfandel to pair alongside this show! Though rich and fruit-forward, the tannins in Primitivo tend to be soft and balanced making it a drinkable red to enjoy with your nightly Netflix. An affordable Primitivo I recommend is on my Trader Joe's Wine Guide, Epicuro!


"New Girl" paired with Rosé

If you're already a fan of New Girl you're familiar with Jess Day's love of pink wine! In almost every episode where she is drinking wine, it is almost always pink! With that being said, I have to recommend enjoying New Girl with your favorite rosé. One of my go-to rosés right now is from Longford Estates Pinot Noir Rosé. Bright fruit flavors of raspberry and cherry are framed by a crisp, balanced acidity that unfolds into a smooth, elegant finish."


"Parks and Rec" paired with Garnacha

Hopefully, we have all seen Parks and Rec, if not here's your time to sit down and binge-watch one of the funniest shows EVER! Our beloved Leslie Knope makes it known she doesn't care what her wine is she just wants the cheapest one on the menu, lol. With that being said, I am of course going to pair Parks and Rec with a super affordable but delicious wine. I am recommending a beautiful Spanish red wine off my Trader Joe's wine guide, La Sonriente!


"The Office" paired with Sauvy B (Sauvignon Blanc)

Probably one of the best scenes in The Office, we can always count on Michael Scott to bring a smile to our face during these dark times! I am pairing The Office with one of the brightest, and zesty grape varietals I know, SAUVY B! There are so many delicious and affordable Sauvy B options and it's hard to go wrong but one I am loving these days is one from Spy Valley's Sauvy B!


"Workin' Moms" paired with Chardonaaaaaynay

If you need a new show to binge, this Canadian comedy is SO DANG GOOD! When I think "mom," I think Chardonnay. I personally love me a good oaked Chard and is more often than not my weeknight wine of choice! I am loving quite a few Chardonnay's right now but one that is delicious and local to AZ is one from a collaboration between AZ wineries, Page Springs and Pillsbury. Check it out, here!


I hope this inspired you to sit back with your favorite Netflix show and cheers your friend on Instagram so you can virtually enjoy a glass of vino together! We need to take advantage of our online platforms more than ever and I hope this helps you realize you're not alone. We are in this together and thankfully the beautiful nectar of the gods (wine) and Netflix are here to brighten our evenings! Send me virtual cheers on Insta if you try and of these pairings!

Cheers and be well my friends,


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