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National Pinot Grigio Day!

May 17th is National Pinot Grigio Day and I am getting in the spirit by sharing a glass (or four) of delicious Mezzacronoa Pinot Grigio with my loved ones outside in the sunshine! Pinot Grigio is such an underrated wine and I truly wish that this national day of recognition of it allows you to realize how versatile this crisp white wine can really be!

Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio has been growing its beautiful wine within the magnificent Italian Alps since 1904! I am so excited to be sharing their focus on enjoying wine with the people that you love on National Pinot Grigio Day! I am thankful to be able to sip on delicious wine with my closest friends in a beautiful place to welcome the beginning of summer.

With so many Pinot Grigio brands out on the market today, it truly gets to be overwhelming to find one that you know you are really going to first of all enjoy, and second of all, get the most bang for your buck! After discovering Mezzacorona's Pinot Grigio with its aromatic crisp green apple, soft minerality and a touch of honeysuckle I instantly fell in love. I have been wanting to have an affordable, versatile, yet overall crowd-pleasing white wine for my summer get-togethers and I am pretty sure Mezzacorona has stolen my heart. I feel confident not only purchasing it for myself and fiancée to enjoy on a warm summer day with dinner but proud to serve it to my friends and family on any occasion.

Pinot Grigio, especially this one, in particular, is the ideal complement to light appetizers, fish, soups, pasta, the list goes on! I enjoyed a glass with one of my girlfriends on a picnic in the park, munching on strawberries and turkey sandwiches. The great thing about this wine is it's okay if you don't know what your ideal pairing will be, just experiment to see! Or, if you just want to enjoy a glass on its own, the acidity is soft enough to not necessarily need a food compliment. However, being I grew up always complimenting my wine with my food, I highly recommend serving this wine alongside your summer picnics, BBQs, or any outdoor get together. Pinot Grigio to me screams liveliness, bright, fresh, and welcoming which is everything I want not only in wine but a gathering with my loved ones.

You can find Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio in almost any Total Wine & More, most local grocery stores, or online at

Photography by Dillon Driscoll and Jonathan Puente

Styling and Concept by Samantha Capaldi

Styling Assistance and Props by Avi Valencia

Partnership with Mezzacorona Wine + Fifty & Five

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