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Get your Buns To Baja

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Welcome to Valle De Guadalupe, or the Napa Valley of Mexico some may call it! I for one want to say before we dig into this trip that the food tasted as good as it looks, the views are as beautiful as they seem, and the hospitality the people of Baja shared is something to remember! If your ideal wine weekend is drinking delicious wine without breaking your bank, playing with friendly vineyard dogs, no traffic, and the ultimate low-key bliss wine tasting experience, then I think you may want to consider Valle De Guadalupe as your next getaway. There are over 100 different wineries along the Ruta del Vino (Wine Route) in Valle De Guadalupe, all with their own unique energy and vibes. Not to mention the food scene, with upcoming chefs as young as 22 years old making their mark across the Valley. Keep reading to see why the wine, the food, and the hospitality of Valle De Guadalupe is one that cannot be missed.

The beautiful boutique hotel nestled in the hills of Valle De Guadalupe, Agua De Vid...

The Wine...

Believe it or not, the first vineyards that were planted in North America were in Mexico! This region forward-thinking is allowing Mexican winemakers to make their mark quickly throughout the valley. Mexico is growing a variety of French, Spanish, and Italian grapes all while not being afraid to make blends out of the norm. Since they do not have to abide by European traditions, it gives Mexican winemakers the ability to get creative with their blends such as a Cabernet Sauvignon with Grenache and Barbara! Baja, more specifically Valle De Guadalupe is making up 85% of Mexico's wine production with over 150 wineries and growing. At first glance, some may think Baja is too warm to grow wine but this region actually has a very similar climate to California. With its Mediterranean climate and morning fog from the Pacific, Baja is becoming an ideal grape growing region and a hot spot to sip on some delicious vino.


I got told before I visited Baja, "Sam the food is out of this world, get ready for an incredible experience" and my friend who told me that did not disappoint. I was blown away by our chef at Agua De Vid, 22-year-old Diego Zavala. Our first night at Agua De Vid he prepared his best dishes for Nic and me to taste. Not to mention, curated the ultimate wine list to pair alongside. The ingredients across the board in Baja thrive on being "farm to table." With that being said, what you see growing is truly what you get prepared for you in almost every restaurant! Valle de Guadalupe is filled with young chefs, winemakers, hotel owners, etc, that are ready to make their mark on making this region the magnificent wine experience and getaway. Sure, the food and wine is out of this world but what matters a great deal to me is how I am treated when I am traveling. The hospitality and Baja's mission is for their guests to feel safe, welcomed, and of course wine and dined properly. Their spirit and take on how they see the wine industry is a breath of fresh air. In Baja, there truly is no limit on creativity whether it comes to food, wine, or architecture. I for one am honored to have experienced a region that will soon be more than famous in years to come.

The Itinerary & Stay

Karina with Tia Juana Adventours has mapped out the ideal itinerary for your spring or summer wine getaway along with the beautiful Agua De Vid being your hotel of choice during your stay in Baja. If you thought my trip looked incredible, just wait until you experience Valle de Guadalupe for yourself! Check out the packages with the full itinerary and accommodations HERE!

Tour Guide/Concierge Services: Hotel and Accommodations: Agua de Vid Photography: Samantha Capaldi and Tijuana Adventure Tours Book your trip now using my promo code!

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