BLM Template For Local Businesses

Please use this e-mail draft template to reach out to your favorite local businesses, wineries, brands that have yet to speak up and make an impact. Copy and paste!

To Whom it May Concern:

I have been a longtime [patron/supporter/consumer] of your [establishment/organization/brand] and am reaching out to you because I noticed your company has yet to make a public statement regarding your support for the Black Lives Matter movement and your willingness to bring awareness to systematic racial oppression. I am curious about your reasoning for not speaking out during this pivotal moment in our history? I would love to have a discussion regarding your feelings and share some resources I have found helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of this important issue.

I think our community has made it abundantly clear that we stand with our black neighbors. Will you stand with us? Given your platform, you have the privilege of reaching a diverse and widespread audience. I implore you to utilize that platform for good.

I hope you will reconsider your silence and work towards becoming actively anti-racist and understand that my own continued support for your business hinges on your response.

I sincerely hope I can continue to give [insert business name here] my business.


[Your name]


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