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Blind Taste Like a Somm!

Let's be honest, blind tasting still gives me a tad of PTSD from my Somm School days... But I honestly will always appreciate and love how much it's helped challenge my palate and love for wine! I would love to personally lead you through a blind tasting, you can book a time on my calendar HERE! In the meantime, here's some fun tips on blind tasting 101 and a fun little TV segment with me and my guy Brad Perry! ;)


Blind tasting wine involves tasting and evaluating a wine without knowing its identity (varietal, producer, vintage, etc.). Here are some tips for blind tasting wine:

1. Start by looking at the color: Examine the wine's color and note any distinguishing features, such as its depth, hue, and clarity.

2. Swirl the wine: Swirling the wine will help to release its aromas. Take a moment to smell the wine and note any distinct aromas or scents.

3. Take a small sip: Sip the wine and allow it to coat your tongue. Pay attention to the wine's texture, body, and flavors.

4. Spit or swallow: Decide whether you want to spit out the wine or swallow it. Spitting is generally recommended for formal blind tastings, as it allows you to taste multiple wines without getting too intoxicated. (but I mean, DO YOU) 😏

5. Consider the wine's structure: Think about the wine's acidity, tannins, and alcohol levels, and how they contribute to its overall structure.

6. Guess the wine: Once you have tasted and evaluated the wine, try to guess its varietal, region of origin, and vintage.

Did you know I can lead you through your own blind tasting?! Book a slot on my tasting calendar, it’s one of my favorite styles of tastings!!



Samantha Sommelier

Your Go To No-Snob Somm<3

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