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Black Owned Wineries

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Hi friends, I plan on making this much more detailed with the wineries/owners bios but I wanted to get this out there ASAP so we can do our best to bring light to these vintners now and moving forward! Some of these wineries I already know and love, some I am looking forward to learning more about. I encourage you to not only share these wineries but visit, taste, and connect. If I can make any immediate additions please let me know. :)

Zafa Wines by Krista Scruggs

Location: Burlington, Vermont.

Frichette Winery

Location: Benton City, WA

Longevity Winery

Location: Livermore, CA

McBride Sisters

Location: Oakland, CA

Brown Estate

Location: Napa, CA

Theopolis Vineyards

Location: Yorkville, CA

André Hueston Mack, Maison Noir Wines

Location: McMinnville, OR

Okapi Wines

Location: Napa, CA

Jenny Dawn Cellars

Location: Wichita, KS

P. Harrell Wines

Location: Sonoma, CA

Intercept Wines by Charles Woodson

Location: Parlier, CA

Amour Genève

Charles Wine Company

Location: Los Angelas, CA

Aslina Wines

Location: South Africa

B. Stuyvesant Champagne

Location: Champagne, France

Love Cork Screw by Chrishon Lampley

Location: Chicago, IL

La Fête Rosé

Location: Saint-Tropez

Bodkin Wines

Location: Healdsburg, CA

Abbey Creek Winery by Bertony Faustin

Location: North Plains, OR

Wade Cellars

Location: Napa, CA

Flo Wine by Marcus Johnson

Location: Sonoma, CA

Domaine Curry Wine

Location: Napa, CA

Cheurlin Champagne

Location: Aube, France

Serendipity Wines

Location: Austin, TX

Lyons Wine

Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Marie Césaire Champagne

Location: Champagne, France

Silkbush Mountain Vineyards

Location: Breedekloof, South Africa

Taste Collection Cellars

Location: Houston, TX

Earl Stevens Selections

Marbue Marke Wines

Seven Sisters

Location: Lynedoch , Cape Town

LVE Wines - John Legend

Corner 103

Location: Sonoma, CA

Free Range Flower Winery

Location: Oakland, CA

Sip & Share Wines

Kumusha Wines

Location: Cape Town

Markell-Bani Fine Wines

Ole’ Orleans Wines & Spirits

Location: New Orleans

Darjean Jones Wines

Location: Napa, CA

J. Moss Wines

Location: Napa, CA


Location: Zellertal, Germany.

Vina Sympatica

And to be continued...

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